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Quality Healthcare Certifications


Quality Healthcare Certifications

Accreditations attest to the competency of the services provided and compliance with established national and international standards for third-party certification.
Our credibility is our most valued asset. As one of the leading healthcare consultancy in India, we strive to ensure that Hospitals maintains its superior quality of Healthcare standards and patient safety through accreditations with some of the world’s most respected organizations.

Quality Crest has deep expertise in compliance with regulations that apply to a wide range of healthcare settings: hospitals, Day Care Centers, Clinics & Medical College Hospitals.

  • Gap Analysis & Preparation for Accreditation
  • NABH ccreditation
  • NABL ccreditation
  • JCI ccreditation
  • ISO Certification
  • Other Approvals

Operations & Systems Development

Quality Crest combines exceptional accreditation and regulatory expertise with a sound assessment of your policies, procedures, and processes. Working with our team, you will implement solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements, but are also practical, realistic, and make good clinical sense.

  • Systems & Policy Development
  • Cross Sectional Studies/ Audits
  • Process Flow & Mapping
  • Facilities Management